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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 99

1 a When God deliuereth his Church, all the enemies shal haue cause to tremble.

1 ! He commendeth the power, equitie and excellencie of the kingdome of God by Christ ouer the Jewes and Gentiles.

3 b Thogh the wicked rage against God, yet the godlie shal praise his Name, & mightie power.

5 c That is, before his Temple or Arke, where he promised to heare, when they worshipped him, as now he promiseth his spiritual presence, wheresouer his Church is assembled.

5 ! And prouoketh them to magnifie the same & to serue the Lord.

6 ! Following the example of the ancient Father, Moses Aaron, Samuel, who calling vpon God, were heard in the praiers.

6 d Vnder these thre he comprehendeth the whole people of Israel with whome God made his promes.

8 e For the more liberally that God dealeth with his people, the more doeth he punish them that abuse his benefites.