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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 98

A Psalm

1 A New song sing unto the Lord,

for wonders he hath done:

his right hand and his holy arm

him victory hath won.

2 Jehovah his salvation

hath made for to be known:

his righteousness i'th heathens sight

he openly hath shown.

3 To Isr’el’s house of his mercy

and truth hath mindful been:

the ends of all the earth they have

our Gods salvation seen.

4 Unto Jehovah all the earth,

make ye a joyful noise:

make ye also a cheerful sound,

sing praise, likewise rejoice.

5 With Harp sing to the Lord; with Harp,

also with a Psalms voice.

6 With Trumpets, Cornets sound; before

the Lord the King rejoice.

7 The sea let with her fullness roar:

the world, and there who dwell.

8 O let the floods clap hands: let hills

rejoice together well

9 Before the Lord, for he doth come

to judge the earth: rightly

with justice shall he judge the world,

and folk with equity.