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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 97

1 THe Lord doth reign, the earth

o let here at rejoice:

the many Isles with mirth

let them lift up their voice.

2 About him round

dark clouds there went,

right and judgment

his throne do found.

3 Before him fire doth go,

and burns his foes about.

4 The world was light also

by lightnings he sent out:

the earth it saw

and it trembled.

5 The hills melted

like wax away

At presence of the Lord:

at his presence who is

of all the earth the Lord.

6 That righteousness of his

the heavens high

they do forth show:

all folk also

see his glory.

7 Who graven Images

do serve, on them remain

let dreadful shamefulness:

and who in Idols vain

themselves do boast:

with worship bow

to him all you

God’s Angel’s host.

8 Sion heard, and was glad,

glad Judah’s daughters were,

this cause, o Lord, they had,

thy judgments did appear.

9 For Lord thou high

all earth set o’re:

all Gods before

in dignity.

10 Ye that do love the Lord,

the evil hate do ye;

to his Saints souls’ afford

protection doth he:

he will for them

freedom command

out of the hand

of wicked men.

11 For men that righteous are

surely there is sown light:

and gladness for their share

that are in heart upright.

12 Joy in the Lord,

ye Just confess,

his holiness

while ye record.