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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 96

1 SIng to the Lord a new song: sing

all th’ earth the Lord unto:

2 Sing to Jehovah, bless his Name,

still his salvation show.

3 To th’ heathen his glory, to all

people his wonders spread.

4 For great’s the Lord, much to be prays’d,

above all gods in dread.

5 Because vain Idols are they all

which heathens Gods do name:

but yet Jehovah he it is

that did the heavens frame.

6 Honour and comely majesty

abide before his face:

both fortitude and beauty are

within his holy place.

7 Yee kindreds of the people all

unto the Lord afford,

glory and mightiness also

give ye unto the Lord.

8 The glory due unto his name

give ye the Lord unto;

offer ye an oblation,

enter his courts also.


9 In beauty of his holiness

do ye the Lord adore:

the universal earth likewise

in fear stand him before.

10 ‘Mong heathens say, Jehovah reigns:

the world in stableness

shall be, unmov’d also: he shall

judge folk in righteousness.

11 O let the heav’ns thereat be glad,

and let the earth rejoice:

o let the sea, and it’s fullness

with roaring make a noise.

12 O let the field be full of joy,

and all things there about:

then all the trees that be i’th wood

they joyfully shall shout

13 Before Jehovah, for he comes,

he comes earths judge to be.

the world with justice, and the folk

judge with his truth shall he.