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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 95

1 O Come, let us unto the Lord

shout loud with singing voice.

to the rock of our saving health

let us make joyful noise.

2 Before his presence let us then

approach with thanksgiving:

also let us triumphantly

with Psalms unto him sing.

3 For the Lord a great God: and great

King above all gods is.

4 In whose hands are deeps of the earth,

and strength of hills are his

5 The sea to him doth appertain,

also he made the same:

and also the dry land is his

for it his hands did frame.

6 O come, and let us worship give,

and bowing down adore:

he that our maker is, the Lord

o let us kneel before.

7 Because he is our God, and we

his pasture people are,

and of his hands the sheep: to day

if ye his voice will hear,

8 As in the provocation,

o harden not your heart:

as in the day of temptation,

within the vast desert.

9 When me your fathers tried, and pro’vd,

and my works lookt upon:

10 Forty years long I griev’d was with

this generation:

And said, this people err in heart:

my ways they do not know.

11 To whom I sware in wrath: if they

into my rest should go.