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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 96

1 ! An exhortation bothe to the Jewes and Gentiles to praise God for his mercie. And this specially oght to be referred to the kingdome of Christ.

1 a The Prophet sheweth that the time shal come, that all nations shal haue occasion to praise the Lord for the reueiling of his Gospel.

4 b Seing he wil reueile him selfe to all nations contrary to their owne expectation, they oght all to worship him contrary to their owne imaginations, & onely as he hathe appointed.

5 c Then the idoles, or whatsoeuer made not the heauens, are not God.

5 / Or, vanities.

6 d God can not be knowen, but by his strength and glorie: the signes whereof appeare in his Sanctuarie.

7 e As by experience ye se that it is onely due vnto him.

8 f By offring vp your sleues wholly vnto God, declare that you worship him onely.

10 h He shal regenerate them anewe with his Spirit, and restore them to the image of God.

10 g He prophecieth that the Gentils shalbe partakers with the Jewes of Gods promes.

12 i If the insensible creatures shal haue cause to rejoyce, when God appeareth, much more we, from whome he hathe taken malediction & sinne.