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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 95

1 a He sheweth that Gods seruice standeth not in dead cermonies, but chiefly in the sacrifice of praise & thankesgiuing.

1 ! An earnest exhortation to praise God

3 b Euen the Angels (who in respect of men are thoght as gods) are nothing in his sight: much lesse the idols, which mans braine inuenteth.

4 ! For gouernement of the worlde, and the election of his Church.

6 d By these thre wordes he signifieth one thing: meaning that thei muste wholly giue them selues to serue God.

7 e That is, the flocke whome he gouerneth with his owne hand. He sheweth wherin thei are Gods flocke: that is, if thei heare his voice.

8 ! An admonition not to followe the rebellion of the olde fathers, that tempted God in the wildernes:

8 / Or, just if wherof the place was so called, {Num. 14,22}

8 f By the contemning of Gods worde.

11 ! For the which thei might not enter into the land of promes.

11 h That is, into the land of Canaan where he promisd them rest.