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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 97

1 a He sheweth that where God reigneth, there is all felicitie and spiritual joye.

1 b For the Gospel shal not be only preached in Judea, but through all yles & countreis.

1 ! The Prophet exhorteth all to rejoyce for the comming of the kingdome of Christ.

2 c He is this described to kepe his enemies in feare which commonly contemne Gods power.

4 d This feare bringeth not the wicked to true obedience, but maketh them to runne awaie from God.

6 e He signifieth that Gods judgements are in a readines to destroy the idolaters.

7 f Let all that which is estemed in the worlde, fall downe before him.

7 ! Dreadful to the rebels & idolaters

8 g The Jewes shal haue occasion to rejoyce that the Gentiles are made partakers with them of Gods fauour.

8 ! And joyful to the just, whome he exhorteth to innocencie.

10 h He requireth two things of his children the one that thei detest vice, the other that their put their trust in God for their deliuerance.

11 i Thogh God deliuerance appeare not suddenly, yet it is sowen and laied vp in store for them.

12 k Be mindeful of his benefites and onely trust in his defence.