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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 86

A prayer of David.

1 BOw down o Lord, thine ear,

and hearken unto me:

because that I afflicted am,

also I am needy.

2 Do thou preserve my soul,

for gracious am I:

o thou my God, thy servant save,

that doth on thee rely.

3 Lord pity me, for I

daily cry thee unto.

4 Rejoice thy servants soul: for Lord,

to thee mine lift I do.

5 For thou o Lord, art good,

to pardon prone withal:

and to them all in mercy rich

that do upon thee call.

6 Jehovah, o do thou

give ear my pray’r unto:

and of my supplications

attend the voice also.

7 In day of my distress,

to thee I will complain:

by reason that thou unto me

wilt answer give again.


8 Amongst the gods, o Lord,

none is there like to thee:

neither with thine are any work

that may compared be.

9 All nations o Lord,

whom thou hast made, the same

shall come and worship thee before:

and glorify thy Name.

10 Because thou might art,

the things that thou hast done

are wonderful, thou art thy self

the mighty God alone.

11 Jehovah, unto me

o make thy way appear,

walk in thy truth I will; mine heart

unite thy name to fear.

12 Withal mine heart I will

o Lord my God, thee praise:

and I will glorify thy name,

for evermore always.

13 Because that unto me

thy mercy doth excel;

also thou hast delivered

my soul from lowest hell.


14 O God, the proud, and troops

of violent rose ‘gainst me,

after my soul they sought: nor have

before them placed thee.

15 But Lord thou art a God,

tender, and gracious;

longsuffering, and in mercy thou

and truth art plenteous.

16 O turn thou unto me,

and mercy on me have:

unto thy servant give thy strength:

thine handmaid’s son do save.

17 Me shew a sign for good,

that mine haters may see,

and be asham’d; because Lord, thou

dost help, and comfort me.