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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 87

A psalm or song for the sons of Korah.

1 AMong the holy hills

is his foundation.

2 More then all Jacob’s tents, the Lord

loves the gate of Sion.

3 Things glorious spoken are

o Gods city, of thee. Selah.

4 I’ll mention Rahab, and Babel,

to them that do know me;

Behold Philistia,

Tyrus city likewise,

with Ethiopia; that this man

by birth did thence arise.

5 Also it shall be said,

of Sion that borne there

this and that man was, and the high’st

himself shall stablish her.

6 Jehovah he shall count,

ev'n at that time when as,

the people he doth number up,

that there this man borne was. Selah

7 Both those that singers are

as also there shall be,

those that on instruments do play:

all my springs are in thee.