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Geneva Bible (1599): Psalm 87

1 A Psalme or song committed to the sonnes of Korah. God layde his foundations among the holy mountaines.

2 The Lord loueth the gates of Zion aboue all the habitations of Iaakob.

3 Glorious things are spoken of thee, O citie of God. Selah.

4 I will make mention of Rahab and Babel among them that knowe me: beholde Palestina and Tyrus with Ethiopia, There is he borne.

5 And of Zion it shall be sayde, Many are borne in her: and he, euen the most High shall stablish her.

6 The Lord shall count, when hee writeth the people, He was borne there. Selah.

7 Aswell the singers as the players on instruments shall prayse thee: all my springs are in thee.