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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 86

1 ! Dauid sore afflicted & forsaken of all prayeth feruently for deliuerance: sometimes rehearsing his miseries.

1 a Dauid persecuted of saul, thus praied, leauing the same to the Church as a monument, how to seke redresse against their miseries.

2 b I am not enemie to them but pitie them thogh thei be cruel toward me.

3 c Which was a sure token that he beleued that God wolde deliuer him.

5 d He doeth confesse that God is good to all, but onely merciful to poore sinners.

5 ! Sometimes the mercies receiued.

6 e By crying and calling continually, he sheweth how we mai not be wearie, thou God grante not forthe with our request, but that we must earnestly, and often call vpon him.

8 f He condemneth all idoles, forasmuche as thei can do no workes to declare that thei are gods.

9 g This proueth that Dauid praised in the name of Christ the Messias, of whose kingdome he doeth here prophecie.

11 ! Desiring also to be instructed of the Lord, that he maie fear him and glorifie his Name

11 h He confesseth him slef ignorant til God hathe taught him, and his heart variable & seperat from God, til God joyne it to him & confirme it in his obedience.

13 i That is, from moste great danger of death: out of the which none, but onely the mightie hand of God, colde deliuer him.

14 ! He complaineth also of his aduersaries, & requireth to be deliuered from them.

14 k He sheweth that there can be no moderation nor equitie, where proude tyrants reigne & that the lacke of Gods feare is as a priuledge to all vice and crueltie.

16 l He boasteth not of his owne vertures, but confesseth that God of his fre goodnes hathe euer bene merciful vnto him & giuen him power against his enemies, as to one of his owne householde.