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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 85

1 ! Because God withdrewe not his rods from his Churc after their returne from Babylon, first they put him in minde of their deliuerance, to the intent that he shulde not leaue the worke of his grace vnperfite.

1 a Thei confesse that Gods fre mercie was the cause of their deliuerance, because he loued the land which he had chosen.

2 b Thou hast buryed them that thei shal not come into judgement.

3 c Not onely in withdrawing thy rod, but in forging our sinnes, & in touching our hearts to confesse them.

5 d As in times past thei had felt Gods mercies: so now being oppressed by the long continuance of euils, thei pray vnto God, that according to his nature he wolde be merciful vnto them.

5 ! Next thei complaine of their long affliction:

7 e He confesseth that our saluation commeth onely of Gods mercie.

8 ! And thirdly they rejoyce in hope of felicitie promised.

8 f He wil send all prosperitie to his Church when he hathe sufficiently corrected them. also by his punishments the faithful shal learne to beware that their returne not to like offences.

9 ! For their deliuerance was a figure of Christs kingdome, vnder the which shude be perfite felicitie.

11 g Thogh for a time God thus exercise them with his rods, yet vnder the kingdome of Christ thei shulde haue peace & joye.

13 h Justice shal then florish & haue fre course & passage in euerie place.