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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 86

Psalm 86: O Lord, do thou bow down thine ear

A Prayer of David.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 O Lord, do thou bow down thine ear, and hear me graciously; Because I sore afflicted am, and am in poverty.

2 Because I’m holy, let my soul by thee preserved be: O thou my God, thy servant save, that puts his trust in thee.

3 Sith unto thee I daily cry, be merciful to me. 4 Rejoice thy servant’s soul; for, Lord, I lift my soul to thee.

5 For thou art gracious, O Lord, and ready to forgive; And rich in mercy, all that call upon thee to relieve.

6 Hear, Lord, my pray’r; unto the voice of my request attend: 7 In troublous times I’ll call on thee; for thou wilt answer send.

8 Lord, there is none among the gods that may with thee compare; And like the works which thou hast done, not any work is there.

9 All nations whom thou mad’st shall come and worship rev’rently Before thy face; and they, O Lord, thy name shall glorify.

10 Because thou art exceeding great, and works by thee are done Which are to be admir’d; and thou art God thyself alone.

11 Teach me thy way, and in thy truth, O Lord, then walk will I; Unite my heart, that I thy name may fear continually.

12 O Lord my God, with all my heart to thee I will give praise; And I the glory will ascribe unto thy name always:

13 Because thy mercy toward me in greatness doth excel; And thou deliver’d hast my soul out from the lowest hell.

14 O God, the proud against me rise, and vi’lent men have met, That for my soul have sought; and thee before them have not set.

15 But thou art full of pity, Lord, a God most gracious, Long-suffering, and in thy truth and mercy plenteous.

16 O turn to me thy countenance, and mercy on me have; Thy servant strengthen, and the son of thine own handmaid save.

17 Shew me a sign for good, that they which do me hate may see, And be asham’d; because thou, Lord, didst help and comfort me.