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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 73

A psalm of Asaph.

1 TRuly to Israel God is good;

to men of a clean heart.

2 But my feet almost slipt, my steps

aside did well nigh start.

3 For I was envious at the fools,

in peace to see the ill.

4 For in their death no band ‘s there are,

but firm their strength is still.

5 Like other mean men they are not

in toilsome misery,

nor are they stricken with like plagues

as other mortals be.

6 Therefore doth pride like to a chain

encompass them about,

and like a garment; violence

doth cover them throughout.

7 Within the fatness which they have

extended are their eyes:

greater prosperity they gave

then their hearts can devise.

8 Corrupt they are, and wickedly

speak guile: proudly they talk.

9 Against the heav‘ns they set their mouth;

their tongue through th’ earth doth walk.


10 Therefore his people unto them

have hither turn’d in,

and waters out of a full cup

wrung out to them have been.

11 And they have said, how can it be

that God this thing should know,

and is there in the highest one

knowledge hereof also?

12 Lo, these are the ungodly ones

who have tranquillity:

within the world they do increase

in rich ability.

13 Surely in vain in purity

cleansed my heart have I.

14 And hands in innocence have washt,

for plague’d am I daily:

And every morning chastened.

15 If I think thus to say,

thy children’s generation

lo then I should betray;

16 And when this point to understand

casting I did devise,

the matter too laborious

appeared in mine eyes.

17 Until unto the sanctuary

of God I went, and then

I prudently did understand

the last end of these men.


18 Surely in places slippery

these men thou placed hast:

and into desolations

thou dost them downward cast.

19 As in a moment, how are they

brought to destruction?

how are they utterly consum’d

with sad confusion?

20 Like to a dream when as a man

awaking doth arise,

so thou o God, when thou awakst

their Image shalt despise.

21 My heart thus was leaven’d with grief,

prickt were my reins by me:

22 So foolish was I, and knew not,

like a beast before thee.


23 Nevertheless continually

before thee I do stand:

thou hast upheld me stedfastly

also by my right hand.

24 Thou with thy prudent counsel shalt

guidance unto me give:

up afterward also thou shalt

to glory me receive.

25 In heav’n above but thee alone

who is it that I have?

and there is nothing upon earth

besides thee that I crave.

26 This flesh of mine, my heart also

doth fail me altogether:

but God the strength is of my heart,

and portion mine for ever.

27 For lo, they that are far from thee

utterly perish shall:

those who a whoring go from thee

thou hast destroyed all.

28 But as for me, for me it’s good

near God for to repair:

in God the Lord I put my trust,

all thy works to declare.