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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 73

1 a As it were betwene hope & despaire he brasteth forthe into this affection being assured that God wolde continue his fauour toward suche as were godlie indede, and not hypocrites.

1 ! The Prophet teacheth by his example that nether the worldlie prosperitie of the vngodlie.

4 b The wicked in this life liue at pleasure, & are not drawen to death like prisoners: that is by sickenes, which is deathes messenger.

6 c They glorie in their pride as some do in their chaines: & in crueltie, as some do in apparel.

9 d They blaspheme God & feare not his power, & raile vpon men because they esteme them selues aboue all others.

10 e Not onely the reprobate, but also the people of God often times fall backe, seing the prosperous estate of the wicked, and are ouerwhelmed with sorowes, thinking that God considereth not aright the state of the godlie.

11 f Thus the flesh moueth euen the godlie to dispute with God touching their poore estate & prosperitie of the wicked.

14 ! Nor yet the afflictions of the good oght to discourage Gods children: but rather oght to moue vs to consider our Fathers prouidence, and to cause vs to reuerence Gods judgements

15 g If I giue place to this wicked thoght, I offend against thy prouidence, seing you disposest all things moste wisely, and preseruest thy children in their greatest dangers.

17 h Vntil I entred into thy schiele & learned by thy aorde & holie Spirit, that thou orderest all things moste wisely & justly.

20 k When thou openest our eies to consider thy heauenlie felicitie, we contemne all their vaine pompe.

22 l For the more that man goeth about by his owne reason to seke out Gods judgements, the more doeth he declare him self a beast.

23 m By faith I was assuered that thy prouidence did watche alwayes ouer me to preserue me.

25 n He soght nether helpe nor comfort of anie saue God onely.

26 o He teacheth vs to denie our selues, to haue God our whole sufficiencie, & onely contentement.

28 q Thogh all the worlde shrinke from God, yet he promiseth to trust in him and to magnifie his workes.

28 ! In hope, whereof he resigneth him self into Gods hands.