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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 74

Maschil of Asaph.

1 O GOD, why hast thou cast us off,

why doth thy rage endure?

forever smoking out against

the sheep of thy pasture?

2 Thy congregation call to mind

of old by thee purchast:

the rod of thine inheritance

which thou redeemed hast,

This mount Sion wherein thou dwell’st.

3 Lift up thy foot on high,

unto the desolations

of perpetuity:

Thy foe within the Sanctuary

hath done all lewd designs.

4 Amidst thy Church thy foes do roar:

their Banners set for signs.

5 The man that axes on thick trees

did lift up had renown:

6 But now with axe and mauls at once,

her carv’d works they beat down.

7 Thy sanctuaries into fire

they cast, the dwelling place

of thy name down unto the ground

prophanely they did raze.

8 Let us together them destroy,

thus in their hearts they said:

Gods Synagogues throughout the land

all in the flames they laid.


9 Our signs we see not, there’s no more

a Prophet us among:

nor with us any to be found

that understands how long.

10 How long shall the oppressing foe

o mighty God, defame?

thine enemy for evermore

shall he blaspheme thy name?

11 Why dost thou thus withdraw thine hand,

the right hand of thy strength?

out of thy bosom o do thou

draw it forth to the length.

12 Because the mighty God hath been

from ancient time my King,

in middest of the earth he is

salvation working.

13 Thou diddest by thy mighty power

divide the sea asunder:

the Dragons heads in pieces thou

didst break the waters under.

14 The heads of the Leviathan

thou into pieces brake:

to people that in deserts dwell

for meat thou didst him make.

15 Thou clav’st the fountain and the flood,

thou dri’dst up floods of might.

16 Thine is the day, and night is thine:

thou Sun prepar’st, and light.

17 Thou all the borders of the earth

hast constituted fast:

the summer and the winter cold

the same thou formed hast.


18 Remember this, the enemy

reproachfully doth blame,

o Lord, also the foolish folk

blasphemed have thy name.

19 O do not to the multitude

thy turtles soul deliver:

the congregation of thy poor

forget not thou forever.

20 Unto thy cov’nant have respect:

because the dark places

of th’ earth with habitations

are full of furiousness.

21 O let not the oppressed one

return away with shame:

o let the poor and needy one

give praise unto thy name.

22 Arise o God, plead thine own cause:

have thou in memory

how day by day the foolish man

with scorn reproacheth thee.

23 Thine enemies’ voice forget not thou:

the loud tumult of those

continually on high ascends

that rise thee to oppose.