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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 72

A psalm for Solomon.

1 O GOD, thy judgments give the King,

and thy justice to the Kings Son.

2 He shall thy folk with justice judge,

and to thy poor see judgment done,

3 The mountains shall abundantly

unto the people bring forth peace:

the little hills shall bring the same,

by executing righteousness.

4 Poor of the people he shall judge,

and children of the needy save;

and he in pieces shall break down

each one that them oppressed have.

5 They shall thee fear, while Sun and moon

endure through generations all.

6 Like rain on mown grass he shall come:

as showers on earth distilling-fall.

7 The just shall flourish in his days,

and store of peace till no moon be.

8 And from the sea unto the sea,

from sloud to lands end reign shall he.

9 They that within the wilderness

do dwell, before him bow they must:

and they who are his enemies

they verily shall lick the dust.


10 Upon him presents shall bestow

of Tarshish, and the Iles, the Kings,

Shebahs, and Sebahs Kings also,

shall unto him give offerings.

11 Yea to him all the kings shall fall,

and serve him every nation:

12 For needy crying save he shall,

the poor, and helper that hath none.

13 The poor and needy he shall spare;

and the souls’ of the needy save.

14 Their souls’ from fraud and violence

by him shall free redemption have:

And precious in his sight shall be

15 the blood of them. And he shall live,

and unto him shall every one

of purest gold of Shebah give:

Also each one their humble pray’r

in his behalf shall make always:

and everyone his blessedness

shall daily celebrate with praise.


16 Of corn an handful there shall be

ith land the mountains tops upon,

the fruit whereof shall moving shake

like to the trees of Lebanon:

And they that of the city be

like grass on earth shall flourish all.

17 His name for ever shall endure

as long as Sun continue shall:

So shall his name continued be,

and men in him themselves shall bless,

and all the nations of the world

shall him the blessed one profess.

18 O let Jehovah blessed be,

the God, the God of Israel,

he worketh by himself alone

such things whereat men may marvel.

19 And blessed be his glorious name

for ever, let the whole earth be

fill’d full with glory of the same,

Amen, also Amen say we.

This. After the common tunes.

19 And aye be blest his glorious name,

also let the earth all

be filled with his glorious fame,

Amen, and so it shall.

20 The prayers of David, the

Son of Jesse, are