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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 34

A psalm of David, when he changed his behaviour before Abimelech, who drove him away and he departed.

1 I’LL bless God always; his praise shall

still in my mouth be had.

2 My soul shall boast in God: the meek

shall hear this and be glad.

3 Exalt the Lord with me, his name

let us together advance.

4 I sought, God heard, who gave from all

my fears deliverance.

5 Him they beheld, and light’ned were,

nor sham’d were their faces.

6 This poor man cry’d, the Lord him heard,

and freed from all distress.

7 His camp about them round doth pitch

the Angell of the Lord;

who do him fear; and to them doth

deliverance afford.

8 O taste, also consider ye,

that God is good: o blest,

that man is ever whose hope doth

for safety in him rest.

9 O stand in fear of Jehovah,

his holy ones who be.

because that such as do him fear

not any want shall see.

10 The Lions young do suffer lack,

and suffer hungering:

but they that seek Jehovah, shall

not want any good thing.


11 I will you teach to fear the Lord:

come children hark to me.

12 Who is the man that willeth life:

and loves good days to see?

13 Thy tongue from evil, and thy lips

from speaking guile keep thou.

14 Depart from evil and do good:

seek peace, and it follow.

15 Upon the men that righteous are

the Lord doth set his eye:

and likewise he doth bow his ear

when unto him they cry.

16 Jehovah’s face is set against

them that do wickedly:

that he of them from off the earth

may cut the memory.

17 They cry’d, God heard, and set them free,

from their distresses all.

18 To broken hearts the Lord is near,

and contrite save he shall.

19 The just mans sorrows many are,

from all God sets him free.

20 He keepeth all his bones, that none

of them shall broken be.

21 Evil shall certainly bring death

the wicked man upon:

and those that hate the just shall come

to desolation.

22 The souls of them that do him serve,

Jehovah doth redeem:

nor any shall be desolate,

that put their trust in him.