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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 35

A psalm of David.

1 PLead, Lord, with them that with me plead:

fight against them that fight with me.

2 Of shield and buckler take thou hold,

stand up my helper for to be.

3 Draw out the spear and stop the way

‘gainst them that my pursuers be:

and do thou say unto my soul

I am salvation unto thee.

4 Let them confounded be, and sham’d,

that seek my soul how they may spill:

let them be turn’d back and sham’d

that in their thoughts devise mine ill.

5 As chaff before wind, let them

be, and Gods Angell them driving.

6 Let their way dark and slippery be,

and the Lords Angell them chasing.

7 For in a pit without cause,

they hidden have for me a net:

which they without a cause have digg’d

that they there in my soul may get.

8 Let unknown ruin come on him,

and let his net that he doth hide,

himself ensnare: let him into

the very same destruction slide.

9 My soul shall in the Lord be glad:

in his salvation joyful be

10 And all my bones shall also say,

o Lord, who is like unto thee?

Who from the stronger then himself

the poor afflicted settest free:

the poor afflicted and needy,

from such as spoilers of him be.


11 False witnesses did up arise:

what I knew not they charg’d on me.

12 Evil for good they me repay’d,

whereby my soul might spoiled be,

13 But I, when they were sick, was cloath’d

with sackcloth, and I afflicted

my soul with fasting, and my pray’r

into my bosom return’d.

14 I walked as if had been

my near friend or mine own brother:

I heavily bow’d down as one

that mourneth for his own mother.

15 But they in mine adversity

rejoiced, and they gathered

themselves together: yea abjects

themselves against me gathered;

And I was ignorant hereof;

and they incessantly me tear,

16 With hypocrites, mockers in feasts;

at me their teeth they gnashing were.

17 How long o Lord wilt thou look on?

my soul from their destructions,

o do thou set at liberty,

mine only one from the Lions.

18 I freely will give thanks to thee

within the congregation great:

and I thy praises will set forth

where there be many people met.

19 Those that are wrongfully my foes,

let them not rejoice over me:

neither let them wink with the eye,

that are my haters causelessly.

20 Because that they do not speak peace:

but in their thoughts they do invent

deceitful matters against them

that in the land for peace are bent.

21 Gainst me they op’ned their mouths wide,

and said, ah, ah our eye it saw.

22 Thou saw’st it (Lord) hold not thy peace:

Lord, from me be not far away.

23 Stir up and wake to my judgment,

my God and my Lord, to my plea.

24 After thy justice, judge me, Lord

my God, lest or’e me joy should they.

25 Let them not say within their hearts,

aha, our souls’ desire have we:

we now have swallowed him up,

o let them never say of me.

26 Sham’d let them be and confounded

jointly, who at my hurt are glad:

let them that ‘gainst me magnify,

with shame and dishonour be clad.

27 Let them for joy shout, and be glad

that favour do my righteous cause:
yea, let them say continually,

extolled be the Lord with praise,

Who doth in the prosperity

of his servants his pleasure stay

28 And my tongue of thy justice shall,

and of thy praise speak all the day.