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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 33

1 YE just in God rejoice,

praise well th’ upright doth suit:

2 Praise God with Harp, with psalt’ry sing

to him, on ten string’d lute.

3 Sing to him a new song,

aloud play skilfully.

4 For the Lords word is right: and all

his works in verity.

5 He loveth righteousness,

and also equity:

the earth replenished is with

the Lords benignity.

6 By the word of the Lord

the heavens had their frame,

and by the spirit of his mouth,

all the host of the same.

7 The waters of the seas,

he gathers as an heap;

together as in store-houses

he layeth up the deep.

8 Be all the earth in fear,

because of Jehovah:

let all the dwellers of the world

before him stand in awe.

9 Because he did but speak

the word, and it was made:

he gave out the commandement,

and it was firmly stay’d.

10 The Lord to nought doth bring

the nations counsel; he

devises of the people makes

of none effect to be.

11 The counsel of the Lord

abide for ever shall,

the cogitations of his heart

to generations all.


12 O blessed nation,

whose God Jehovah is:

and people whom for heritage

chosen he hath for his.

13 The Lord from heaven looks,

all Sons of men views well.

14 From his firm dwelling he looks forth,

on all that on earth dwell.

15 The hearts of all of them

alike he fashioneth:

and all their operations

he well considereth.

16 By multitude of host

there is no King saved:

nor is by multitude of strength

the strong delivered.

17 A horse a vain thing is

to be a saviour:

nor shall he work deliverance

by greatness of his power.

18 On them that do him fear

lo, is Jehovah’s eye:

upon them that do place their hope

on his benignity.

19 To save alive in dearth,

and their soul from death free.

20 Our soul doth for Jehovah wait,

our help, and shield is he.

21 For our heart joys in him:

for in’s pure name trust we.

22 Let thy mercy (Lord) be on us:

like as we trust in thee.