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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 34

1 ! After Dauid had escaped Achish, according as it is written in the {1. Sam 21,11}, whome in this title he calleth Abimelech (which was a general name to all the Kings of the Philistims) he praiseth God for his deliuerance

1 a He promiseth neuer to become vnmindeful of Gods great benefite for his deliuerance.

2 b Their that are beaten downe with the experience of their owne euils.

3 ! Prouoking all others by his example to trust in God to feare & serue him:

4 c Which I conceiued for the dangers wherein I was.

5 d Thei shalbe bolde to flee to thee for succour, when thei shal se thy mercies towarde me.

7 e Thogh Gods power be sufficient to gouerne vs, yet for mans infirmitie he appointeth his Angels to watche ouer vs.

10 f The godlie by their pacient obedience profit more then thei which rauine & spoile.

10 g If thei abide the last tryal.

12 i Seing all men naturally desire felicitie, he wondereth why thei cast themselues willingly into miserie.

15 ! And vtterly destroyeth the wicked in their sinnes.

16 k The angre of God doeth not onely destroie the wicked, but also abolisheth their name for euer.

18 l When thei seme to be swallowed vp with afflictions, then God is at hand to deliuer them.

20 m And as Christ faith, all the heeres of his head.

21 n Their wicked enterprise shal turne to their owne destruction.

22 o For when thei seme to be ouercome with great dangers & death it self, then God shwewth him self their redemer.