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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 35

1 a He desireth God to vndertake his cause against them that did persecute him and sclander him.

1 ! So long as Saul was enemie to Dauid, all that had anie autoritie vnder him to flatter their King (as is the course of the worlde) did also moste cruelly persecute Dauid: against whome he praieth God to pleade & to auenge his cause

2 b Albeit God can with his breath destroy all his enemies, yet the holie Gost attributeth vnto him these outward weapons to assure vs of his present power.

3 c Assure me against these tentations, that thou art the autor of my saluation.

5 d Smite them with the spirit of giddines that their entreprises may be foolish, & their receiue juste rewarde.

7 e Shewing that we may not call God to be a reuenger, but onely for his glorie, & when our cause is juste.

8 ! That they may be taken in their nets & snares, which thei laied for him, that his innocencie may be declared.

8 g Which he prepared against the children of God.

8 f When he promiseth to him selfe peace.

10 h He attributeth his deliuerance onely to God, praising him therfore bothe in soule & body.

12 k To haue taken from me all comfort & broght me into dispaire.

13 l I prayed for them with inward affection, as I wolde haue done for my selfe: or, I declared mine affection with bowing downe mine head.

15 m When thei saw me ready to flip and as one that halted to infirmitie.

16 o The worde signifieth cakes: meaning that the proud courtears at their deinty feasts skoff, raile, and conspire his death.

20 / Or, cleftes of the earth: meaning him self & others in their miserie.

21 q Thei rejoyced as thogh they had now sene Dauid ouerthrowen.

24 r It is the justice of God to giue to the oppressers affliction & torment, & to the oppressed, aide and relief, {2 Thes. 1,6}

25 s Because we haue that, which we soght for, seing he is destroyed.

26 u This praier shal alwaise be verified against them, that persecute the faithful.

26 t That is, at once, were thei neuer so manie or mightie.

27 x That at least fauour my right, thogh they be not able to helpe me.

27 y He exhorteth the Church to priase God for the deliuerance of his seruants, & for the destruction of his aduersaries.

27 ! And that the innocent, which taketh parte with him, maie rejoyce & praise the Name of the Lord, that this deliuereth his seruant.

28 ! And so he promiseth to speake forthe the justice of the Lord, & to magnifie his Name all the dayes of his life.