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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 33

1 ! He exhorteth good men to praise God, for that he hathe not onely created all things, and by his prouidence gouerneth the same, but also is faithful in his promises.

1 a It is the duetie of the godlie to set forthe the praises of God for his mercie & power shewed towarde them.

2 b To sing on instruments was a parte of the ceremonial seruice of the Temple, which doeth no more apperteine vnto vs, then the sacrifices censings, & lights.

4 c That is, counsel or commandement in gouerning the worlde.

4 d That is, the effect & execution.

5 e Howsoeuer the worlde judgeth of Gods workes, yet he doeth all things according to justice & mercie.

7 f By the creation of the heauens & beautiful ornament, with the gathering also of the waters he setteth forthe thy power of God that all creatures might feare him.

10 ! He vnderstandeth mans heart, and scatereth the counsel of the wicked

10 g No counsel can prejail against God, but he defeateth it & it shal haue euil succes.

12 h He sheweth that all our felicitie standeth in this, that the Lorde is our God.

13 i He proueth that all things are gouerned by Gods prouidence & not by fortune.

15 k Therfore he knoweth their wicked enterprise.

16 ! So that o man can be preserued by anie creature or mans strength: but they, that put their confidence in his mercie, shalbe preserued from all aduersities.

16 l If Kings and the mightie of the worlde can not be saued by worldelie meanes, but onely by Gods prouidence, what hau others to trust in, that haue not like meanes?

18 m God sheweth that towarde his of his mercie, which man by no meanes is able to compasse.

20 n Thus he speaketh in the name of the whole Church, which onely depend on Gods prouidence.