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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 14

2 a Which wolde not obey the doctrine, nether suffer them selues to be persuded, to beleue the trueth and to embrace Christ.

6 ! Paul and Barnabas preache at Iconium and are persecuted.

13 ! At Lystra thei wolde do sacrifice to Barnabas & Paul, which refuse it, & exhorte the people to worship the true God.

13 b That is, trimmed with flowres & garlandes.

13 c He meaneth before the gates of the house where the Apostles lodged: for the temple was without the towne, & therefore the Priest broght the sacrifice (as he thoght) to the gods them selues.

15 e That is, not without our infirmities and sinnes, & also subject to death.

16 f To liue after their owne fantasies not prescribing vnto them anie religion.

17 g To take from men all excuse.

22 ! They confirme the disciples in faith and pacience,

23 i The worde signifieth to elect by putting vp the hands which declareth that ministers were not made without the consent of the people.

23 ! Appointe ministers,

26 ! And passing through manie places, make reporte of their diligence at Antiochia.