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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 15

1 a As Cerinth and others: so writeth Epiphanius against the Cerinthians: also the same of the place whence they came, did muche preuaile to persuade abrode.

9 d By faith God purifieth the heart.

10 e Thei purposely tempt god which lay greater charges on mens consciences, then they are able to beare.

11 f And not by the Law: for it is a clog to the conscience, and we can not be deliuered thereby.

16 g That is, the Church where of the Temple was a figure.

17 h Which are gathered into one familie with the Jewes to the intent thei shulde acknowledge all one God, and one Sauiour Christ Jesus.

20 i For some thoght it none offence to be present in the idoles temples, & there to banket: which S. Paul saith, is to drinke the cup of the deuils, {1. Cor. 10,21}

20 k The heathen thoght this no vice, but made it a commune custome. As touching a strangled thing & blood, they were not vnlawful of them selues, & therefore were obserued but for a time.

21 l Therefore the ceremonies commanded by god colde not so sone be abolished, til the libertie of the Gospel were better knowne.

22 ! The Apostles send their determination to the Churches.

28 m Whome the holie Gost hathe moued & directed to ordeine, & write these things, not as the autors of this doctrine, but as the ministers of Gods ordinance, {Exod. 14,31. judg. 7,20. hag 1,12}

33 n Hauing desired leaue of the Church, the brethren prayed God to prosper their jorney.

39 ! And separate companie because of John Marke.

39 p God suffreth the moste perfite to fall, and yet turneth their infirmities to the setting forthe of his glorie, as this breache of companie caused the worde to be preached in mo places.