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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 16

1 ! When Paul had circumcised Timothie, he toke him with him.

3 a Lest the Jewes shulde disdaine him as one that were prophane, and without God.

6 b God chuseth not onely men, but also appointed countreis where his worde shal be preached, and onely as he wil.

6 c Meaning, Asia the lesse.

7 ! The Spirit calleth them from one countrey to another.

10 e We oght not to credit visions, except we be assured thereof by the Spirit of God.

11 f Which is in the borders of Thracia and Macedonia.

12 g In Greke & Latine the worde is called Colonia which can not otherwise be wel expressed, but by suche circumstance of wordes.

13 h Where the Christians accustomed to assemble their Church, when the infideles persecuted them.

16 i Which colde gesse & foredeme of things past, present & to come: which knowledge in manie things God permitteth to the deuil.

17 k Satan althogh he spake the trueth yet was his malicious purpose to cause the Apostles to be troubled as sedicious persones and teachers of strange religion.

18 l For Satans subtiltie increased, & also it might seme that Sata, & the Spirit of God taught bothe one doctrine, Read {Mar. 1,34}

24 / Or, in the bottome of the prison, or in a dungion.

28 ! Paul and Silas imprisoned conuert the jailer.

37 n No man had autoritie to beat, or put to death a citizen Romaine, but the Romaines them selues by the consent of the People.

38 o For the punishment was great against them that did injurie to a citizen Romaine.