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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 17

0 a Like quarel piking the vsed against Christ: & these be the weapons wherewith the worlde continually fighteth against the membres of Christ, trayson & sedition.

4 ! Where some receiue him, and others persecute him.

11 b Not more excellent of birth, but more prompt, and couragious in receiuing the worde of God: for he compareth them of Berea with them of Thessalonica who persecuted the Apostles in Berea.

11 ! To search the Scriptures.

11 c This was not onely to trie if these things which thei had heard, were true but also to confirme them selues in the same, and to increase their faith.

16 d That citie which was the fountain of all knowledge, was now the sinke of moste horrible idolatrie.

17 ! He disputeth at Athens, and the frute of his doctrine.

17 e Suche was his seruent zeale towards Gods glorie, that he labored to amplifie the same bothe in season, and out of season, as he taught afterwarde to Timothie.

18 f Who helde, that pleasure was mans whole felicitie.

18 g Who taught that vertue was onely mans felicitie, which notwithstanding they neuer atteined vnto.

19 h Where judgement was giuen of waightie matters, but chiefely of impietie against their gods, whereof Paul was accused: or els was led thither because of the restore of people whose eares euer tickled to heare newes.

23 k Hereby Paul taketh an occasion to bring them to the true God.

26 l Before man was created, God had appointed his state & condition.

26 m This is ment as touching the sondrie changes of the worlde, as when some people departe out of a countrey, & others come to dwel therein.

27 n Men grope in darkenes til Christ the true light shine in their hearts.

29 p He condemneth the matter and the forme wherewith God is counterfaited.

30 q But pardoned it, and did not punish it as it deserued.

30 r This is ment of the vnersal worlde, and not of euery particular nam: for whosoeuer sinneth without the Lawe, shal die without the Lawe.