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Geneva Bible (1599): Acts 14

1 And it came to passe in Iconium, that they went both together into the Synagogue of the Iewes, and so spake, that a great multitude both of the Iewes and of the Grecians beleeued.

2 And the vnbeleeuing Iewes stirred vp, and corrupted the mindes of the Gentiles against the brethren.

3 So therefore they abode there a long time, and spake boldly in the Lord, which gaue testimonie vnto the woord of his grace, and caused signes and woders to be done by their hands.

4 But the multitude of the city was deuided: and some were with the Iewes, and some with the Apostles.

5 And when there was an assault made both of the Gentiles, and of the Iewes with their rulers, to doe them violence, and to stone them,

6 They were ware of it, and fled vnto Lystra, and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, and vnto the region round about,

8 Nowe there sate a certaine man at Lystra, impotent in his feete, which was a creeple from his mothers wombe, who had neuer walked.

9 He heard Paul speake: who beholding him, and perceiuing that he had faith to be healed,

10 Said with a loude voyce, Stand vpright on thy feete. And he leaped vp, and walked.

11 Then when the people sawe what Paul had done, they lift vp their voyces, saying in ye speach of Lycaonia, Gods are come downe to vs in the likenesse of men.

12 And they called Barnabas, Iupiter: and Paul, Mercurius, because hee was the chiefe speaker.

13 Then Iupiters priest, which was before their citie, brought bulles with garlands vnto the gates, and would haue sacrificed with the people.

14 But when the Apostles, Barnabas and Paul heard it, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying,

15 And saying, O men, why doe yee these things? We are euen men subiect to the like passions that yee be, and preache vnto you, that yee shoulde turne from these vaine things vnto the liuing God, which made heauen and earth, and the sea, and all things that in them are:

16 Who in times past suffered all the Gentiles to walke in their owne waies.

17 Neuerthelesse, hee left not him selfe without witnes, in that hee did good and gaue vs raine from heauen, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with foode, and gladnesse.

18 And speaking these things, scarce appeased they the multitude, that they had not sacrificed vnto them.

19 Then there came certaine Iewes from Antiochia and Iconium, which when they had persuaded the people, stoned Paul, and drewe him out of the citie, supposing he had bene dead.

20 Howbeit, as the disciples stoode rounde about him, hee arose vp, and came into the citie, and the next day hee departed with Barnabas to Derbe.

21 And after they had preached the glad tidings of the Gospel to that citie, and had taught many, they returned to Lystra, and to Iconium, and to Antiochia,

22 Confirming the disciples hearts, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, affirming that we must through many afflictions enter into the kingdome of God.

23 And when they had ordeined them Elders by election in euery Church, and prayed, and fasted, they commended them to the Lord in whome they beleeued.

24 Thus they went throughout Pisidia, and came to Pamphylia.

25 And when they had preached the woorde in Perga, they came downe to Attalia,

26 And thence sailed to Antiochia, from whence they had bene comended vnto the grace of God, to the woorke, which they had fulfilled.

27 And when they were come and had gathered the Church together, they rehearsed all the things that God had done by them, and howe he had opened the doore of faith vnto the Gentiles.

28 So there they abode a long time with the disciples.