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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 13

0 o Meaning, that he wolde faithfully accomplish the promises, which he made of his fre mercie with the forefathers: and he sheweth that as the grace, which God hathe giuen to his Sonne, is permanent for euer, so likewise the life of the Sonne is eternal.

1 a This declareth that God calleth or all sortes bothe hie & lowe.

2 b The worde signifieth to execute a publicke charge, as the Apostleship was: so that here is shewed, that they preached, and prophecied.

2 ! Paul and Barnabas are called to preache among the Gentiles.

10 c Which are the doctrine of the Apostles, that onelie leadeth vs to God.

14 d This was another Antiochia then that which was in Syria.

15 e This declareth that the Scripture is giuen to teache & exhorte vs, & that thei refused none that had giftes to set forth Gods glorie & to edifie his people.

18 f Here is declared the great pacience & long suffring of God before he punisheth.

20 g For these 450 yeres were not fully accomplished, but there lacked 3 yeres counting from the birth of Isaac to the distribucion of the land of Canaan.

25 h When his office drew to an end, he sent his disciples to Christ.

26 i That is, this message & tidings of saluacion.

27 l Althogh thei red the Law, yet their hearts are couered that they can not vnderstand, {2 Cor. 3,14}

29 m In Christ all the promises are Yea, & Amen, {2 Cor. 1,20}

41 q Which is, vengeance vnspeakeable, for the contempt of Gods worde.

41 p He reproueth them sharpely because softenes wolde not preuaile.

45 r Thei disdained that the Gentiles shulde be made equal with them.

46 f Which is, to knowe one onelie God, and whome he hathe sente, Jesus Christ.

46 ! The Jewes rejected.

48 t None can beleue, but they whome God doeth appoint before all beginnings to be saued.

50 u He meaneth supersticious women, & suche, as were led with a blinde zeale, albeit the commune people estemed them godlie: & therefore Luke speaketh as the world estemed them.