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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 7

1 ! Steuen maketh answer by the Scriptures to his accusers.

2 a Stueun was accused that he denied God, & therefore he is more diligent to purge this crime.

2 b Hereby he is discerned frm the false gods.

2 c He speaketh here of Mesopotamia, as it conteineth Babylon & Chaldea in it.

6 d Beginning to recken the yeres from the time that Isaas was borne.

9 f That is, preserued & brotht all things to a good yssue.

16 h It is probable that some writer through negligence put in Abraham in this place, in stede of Jacob, who boght this field {Gen. 33,19}, or by Abraham he meaneth the posteritie of Abraham.

19 i He inuented craftie waies bothe to destroye the Israelites without muche labour, & also to get great profite by them, {Exod. 1,10}

19 / Or, that their race shulde faile.

30 k This fyre represented the formace of affliction wherein the people of God were.

32 l Seing this Angel called him self God, it declareth that he was Christ the Mediator, who is the eternal God.

37 n He proueth that Christ is the end of the Law and the Prophetes.

38 o Moses was the Angels or Christs minister, & a guide to the fathers.

38 p By oracles is ment the sayings that God spake to Moses.

40 q Figures, or testimonies of the presence of God.

40 r Yet they knewe he was absent for their commoditie, & so wolde shortely returne & bring them the Law.

42 s As the sunne, moone & other starres, {Deut. 17,3}

42 t Your fathers began in wildernes to condemne mine ordinances, & you now farre passe them in impietie.

44 x They oght to haue bene content with this couenant onely, & not to haue gone after their lewd fantasies.

48 y He reproueth the grosse dulnes of the people which abused the power of God in that they wolde haue conteined it within the temple.

49 z God can not be conteined in any space of place.

51 a Which nether forsake your olde wickednes, nor so muche as heare when God speaketh to you, but stil rebel.

51 ! He rebuketh the hardnecked Jewes,

52 b Which is Jesus Christ who is not onley just for his innocencie, but because all true justice commeth of him.

55 d And reigning in his flesh, wherein he had suffered.

57 e This was done of furious violence & by no forme of justice.