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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 6

1 b They were not loked vnot in the distribucion of the almes.

1 a Whose ancesters were Jewes & dwelled in Grecia: therefore these spake Greeke, and not Hebrewe.

2 c That is, to make prouision for the maintenance of the poore, forsasmuche as they were not able to satisfie bothe the offices.

5 d He joyneth faith with the other gifts of the holie Gost.

5 e Meaning one that was turned to the Jewish religion.

6 f This ceremonie the Jewes obserued in solemne sacrifices, {Leui 3,2} & also in praier & priuace blessings, {Gen. 48,14}: likewise in the primituiue Church is was vsed, ether when they made ministers or gaue the gifts of the holie Gost: which gifts being now taken away, the ceremonie must cease.

7 g That is, to the Gospel, which is receiued by faith.

8 ! The graces and miracles of Steuen, whome they accused falsely.

9 h Or colledge: diuers nacions had colledges at Jerusalem, wherein their youth was instructed, as we se in vniuersities.

11 i That is, instructed & set forthe false witnesses: and thus malice seketh false shiftes when trueth faileth her.

15 l Not onely a certeine conficence, but also great majestie appearing in him.