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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 8

2 b When the Church is depriued of any worthie member, there is juste cause of sorrowe: and note that here is no mention of any relikes or prayers for the dead, or worshiping.

2 ! Steuen is lamented & buryed.

2 a From the place where he was stoned.

3 ! The rage of the Jewes and of Saul against them.

5 c The conuersion of Samaria was as it were the first frutes of the calling of the Gentiles.

9 ! Samaria is seduced by Simon the sorcerer, but was conuerted by Philipe, and confirmed by the Apostles.

10 d This declareth how muche more we are inclined to follow the illusions of Satan then the trueth of God.

10 e That is the craft of Satan to couer all his illusions vnder the Name of God.

13 f The maiestie of Gods worde forced him to confesse the trueth: but yet was he not regenerat therefore.

15 g Meaning the particular giftes of the holie Spirit.

16 h They had onely receiued the commune grace of adoption & regeneracion which are offered to all the faithful in baptisme, & as yet had not receiued the gift to speake in diuers langages, & to do miracles.

21 i Thou art not worthie to be of the nomber of the faithful.

22 l Hereby he wolde make him to feele his sinne and not that he douted of Gods mercies, if he colde repent.

23 m Or thine heart is ful of dispiteful malice, & deuelish peyson of impietie, so that now Satan hathe thee tied as captiue in his bands.

26 n After that Alexander had destroyed it, it was not much peopled, as it was afore, and therefore in respect was as waste.

27 o Eunuche signifieth him that is gelded: but because in the East partes great affaires were commit to suche, it came in vse that noble men were called Eunuches, althogh they were not gelded: also all maner officers and seruants, that were put in credit or necessarie affires, were called by this name, as {Isa. 39,7}

33 p Albeit Christ was in graue and in deathes bandes, feling also his Fathers angre against sinne, yet he brake the brake the bandes of death and was exalted, {Act 2,24}

33 q The punishment which he suffred, was the beginning of his glorie.

33 r That is, how long his age shal endure: for being risen from death shal no more reigne, nether shal his kingdome euer haue end: or els we may take generation, for his Church which neuer shal haue ende: for now they sit in the heauenlie places with Christ their head, as {Ephes. 2, 6}

33 s And he now reigneth in heauen.

35 t He declared at length this matter of so great importance.

39 x This was to the intent that he might knowe so muche the better that Philip was sent to him by God.

40 y Some thinke this citie was also called Asdod, {Jos. 15:47}