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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 9

1 a He persecuted with a great rage, and crueltie the innocent blood which the thirsted for : which declareth whereunto man is led by his rashe zeale, before he haue the true knowledge of God.

5 c That is, to resist God when he preicketh & soliciteth our consciences.

7 e For onely Saul knewe that Jesus spake vnto him.

9 g He was so rauished with the vision that he did meditate nothing but heauenlie things and therewith was satisfied.

15 h A worthie seruant of God and endued with excellent graces aboue others.

15 ! His vocation to the Apostleship.

15 l To beare me witnes, and set for the my glorie.

23 l That was after thre yeres, that he had remained at Damascus, and in the countrey about, {Gal. 1,18}

24 m The Gouernour at their request appointed a watche as he declareth to the Corinthians.

29 p Which were Jewes, but so called because they were dispersed through Grecia and other countries.

30 q Because it was his owne countrey, and there he might haue some autoritie.

34 / Or, trusse thy couche together.

35 s A place so called, and not a citie.

36 / Or, riche.

37 u To the intent they might burie her afterwarde: for this was their custome.

41 x For she was restored to life, rather that others might haue occasion to beleue, and glorifie God then for her owne sake.

43 / Or, corier.