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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 3

1 ! ATHis was the sonne of Herode called the great.

2 b There colde be by Gods Law but one sacrificer at once: but because of the troubles that then reigned, the office was so mangled by reason of ambition & briberie, that bothe Caiaphas and Annas his father in law had it deuided betwene them.

3 ! The preaching, baptism and prisonment of John.

5 c All impediments shalbe taken away, which sulde hinder the way of God or of saluation, so that the way shalbe plaine by Christ to lead vs vnto God.

6 d That is, the Messiahs shalbe reueiled to the worlde.

11 f He willeth that the riche helpe the poore according to their necessitie.

12 g Whose office was to receiue the tribute and towles.

16 i That is, with a mightie, and vehement Spirit: whose propertie is to consume, and purge our filth as fyre doeth the mettals.

16 h The vertue and force of baptisme standeth in Jesus Christ, & John was but the minister thereof.

23 l Luke ascendeth from the last father to the first, and Matthewe descendeth from the first to the last. Matthew extendeth not his rehearsal further then to Abraham, which is for the assurance of the promes for the Jewes. Luke referreth it euen to Adam, whereby the Gentiles also are assured of the promes, because they came of Adam, & are restored in the seconde Adam: Matthewe counteth by the legal descent, and Luke by the natural: finally bothe two speaking of the same persones applie vnto them diuers names.

29 / Or, Mattha.

38 m Not that Adam was the sonne of God by generation, but by creation, in the which sense God also calleth him self fther, {Deut. 32, 6 & ver 18 & 19}