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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 2

1 / Or, put in writing.

2 b Whereby the people were more charged and oppressed.

4 c He sheweth by what occasion Jesus was borne in Bethlehem.

7 e Whereby appeared his pouertie, and their crueltie which wolde not pitie suche a woman in suche case.

7 d Read {Mat. 1,25]

7 ! The birth and circumcision of Christ.

12 g Because thei shulde not be offended with Christs poore estate, the Angel preuenteth this doute, and sheweth in what sorte they shulde finde him.

14 h The fre mercie & good wil of God, which is the founteine of our peace and felicitie, & is chiefly declared to the elect.

22 / Or, their.

24 i Which offring was appointed to them which were poore that they were not able to offer a lambe.

29 l Simeon declareth him slef to dye willingly since he hathe sene the Messias which was promised.

34 o To be the fall of the reprobate which perishe through their owne defaut, & raising vp of the elcet to whome God giueth faith.

34 n That is, praied to God fro them, and for the prosperitie of Christs kingdome.

35 p That is, sorrowes shulde pearce her heart, as a sworde.

35 q This chiefly appeareth when the crosse is layd vpon vs, whereby mens hearts are tryed.

46 / Or, learned men.

49 t Our duetie to God is to be preferred before father and mother.

50 u For his vocation was not yet manifestly knowen.