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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 4

1 ! Jesus is led into the wildernes to be tempted.

2 a This fast was miraculous, to confirme the Gospel, and oght no more of men to be followed them the other miracles that Christ did.

4 b That is by the ordinance, and prouidence of God.

6 c Satan promiseth that, which he can not giue, thinking thereby that he might deceiue the more craftely: for he is but prince of the worlde by permission, & hathe his power limited.

8 d Christ sheweth that all creatures oght onely to worship and serue God.

8 / Greke, Go behinde me.

9 e This declareth how hard it is to resist the tentacions of Satan: for he giueth not ouer for twise or thrise putting backe.

13 f It is not ynought, twise or thrise to resist Satan: for he neuer ceaseth to tempt: or if he relent a litle, it is to the end that he maye renewe his force & assaile vs more sharply.

19 h He alludeth to the yere of Jubile, which is mencioned in the Law, whereby this great deliuerance was figured.

22 i Thei approued & commended what soeuer he said.

23 k Bestowe they benefites vpon them, which apperteine more vnto thee.

24 l Their infidelitie stayed Christ from working miracles.

26 m He sheweth by examples that God oft times preferreth the strangers to them of the housholde.

28 n Because they perceiued that the grace of God shulde be taken from them & giuen to others.

30 o And escaped miraculously out of their hands: for his houre was not yet come.

32 p Ful of dignitie & majestie, which touched the heart of the auditiours and caused them to beare reuerence to his wordes.

33 q That is, the mocion of the deuil, or that was tormented with a verie deuil.

38 ! He cometh into Peters house, and healeth his mother in law.

41 r The deuils are constrained to confesse Christ to be the Sonne of God, & yet it doeth nothing auaile them, because it cometh not of faith.

41 ! The deuils acknowledge Christ.