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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 5

32 k Which seme to be righteous and yet are but hypocrites.

34 l The friends and familiars of Christ: and hereby Jesus Christ declareth that he wil not burden his, before that he hathe made them able to beare.

34 ! And excuseth his, as touching fasting.

39 n He admonisheth them not to trust to muche to their owne sense or judgement: nor because they haue accustomed them selues to one thing, to condemne another, which is better.

3 a Tot the intent that he might not be thronged of the preasse, & also that he might the better be heard.

5 c He sheweth his prompt obedience to Christs commandement.

5 b The worde signifieth him that is made ruler ouer anie thing.

10 f He appointeth him to the office of an Apostle.

14 g Hereby he shewed them that he wolde not transgresse the Law, and that thei shulde be inexcusable, who feing the miracle wroght, wolde not beleue Christ.

20 h Christ toucheth the principal cause of all our euils.

23 i Forasmuche as his diuinitie was sufficiently shewed by this miracle, he gaue them hereby to vnderstand that he had power to forgiue sinnes.