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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 6

1 a Those feasts which conteined manie dais as the Passeouer, and the feast of Tabernacles, had two Sabbaths: the first day of the feast, & the last.

3 ! Christ standeth in his disciples defence and his owne, as touching the breache of the Sabbath.

5 b Hauing power to dispense with & qualifie the keping of the Sabbath and other ceremonies.

12 ! After watching and prayer he electeth his Apostles.

13 d Ambassadors or messengers whome he had elected before, but now enjoyneth them their charge.

13 c According to the similitude of the twelue Patriarkes, of whome the Churche of God is sprong.

20 e They that are humble & submit them selues willingly to obei God.

22 f He meaneth excommunication which also he calleth putting out their names S. John calleth it casting out of the Synagogue: S. Paul, deliuering to Satan, which punishement as it is moste terrible when it is justly executed, so it is comfortable to the godlie when they are cast out of wicked mens companie as the Prophet declareth, {Psal. 1,1}

23 g The worde signifieth to leape for joye, or to shewe mirthe by out warde gesture.

24 h That put your trust in your riches, & forget the life to come.

25 i Signifying them that liue at ease & after the pleasures of the flesh.

26 k He reproueth ambition & vaine glorie when as men go about by all meanes to get fouour, & worldelie pompe.

29 l Rather endure more injurie then reuenge your selues.

30 m Be not so careful for the losse of thy goods, that thou shuldest be discourages to serue God.

32 n They are communely called sinners, which are of a wicked life, and without all feare of God.

35 o Not onely not hoping for profite, but to lose the stocke & principal forasmuche as Christ bindeth him self to repay the whole with a moste liberal interest.

41 p He reproueth the hypocrisie of suche as winke at their owne horrible fautes, & yet are to curious to spie out the least faute in their brother.

41 ! And to auoide hypocrisie.

45 q The name and title are nothing worthe to proue that a man is sent of God, except in effect he shewe the same.

46 r He speaketh not onely to the false prophetes, but to all false pastours, hirelings and hypocrites.