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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 7

32 r The songs of litle children are sufficient to condemne the Pharises and suche like.

32 ! And reproueth the Jewes for their vnfaithfulnes.

35 t He sheweth that the wicked, althogh they turne from God, shal nothing hinder the elect to continewe in faith of the Gospel.

47 u This great loue is a signe that she felt her self muche bounde vnto Christ, who had forgiuen her so manie sinnes.

50 x The peace of conscience cometh onely of faith.

0 ! The woman washeth his fete with her teares, and forgiueth her sinnes..

2 a It might be, that this captaine did lie with his garrison in Capernaum.

2 ! He healeth the captaines seruant.

5 b In buylding them a Temple for their assemblies, he shewed his zeale towardes the true seruice of God.

6 c The friends speake to Jesus in the captaines name.

9 e He commendeth this heathen captaine because he assureth him self vpon Christs worde alone.

11 f Which was a towne of Golile in the tribe of Issachar not farre from Tiberias.

11 ! He raiseth vp the widowes sonne from death to life.

14 g Christ calleth those things that are not, as if they were, & giueth life to them that be dead.

14 / Or, ???

19 ! He answereth the disciples whome John Baptise sent vnto him.

22 l Suche as fele their owne miserie, and wrethednes.

22 k He declareth by the vertues, and power that were in him that he was the Christ.

23 m That shal perseueie and not shrinke backe for anie thing that can come vnto them.

24 ! He commendeth John.

29 o They praised him as just, faithful, good and merciful, so that the frute of their baptisme appeared in them.

29 p This worde comprehendeth the whole doctrine that John taught.

30 q Meaning to their owne condemnation or as some read, with them selues because they durst not openly speake against Johns doctrine: for they feared the people, {Matth. 21, 46}