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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 8

1 ! Christ with his Apostles go from towne to towne and preache.

3 a Whereby they acknowledged the benefite which they had receiued of him, & also shewed their perseuerance, which proued their knowledge to be of God.

3 / Or, to them.

8 b That is, to vnderstand, & beleue these things.

10 / Which worde is here taken for an obscure or darke saying.

13 d That is, acknowledge & consent to the worde and also reuerence it.

16 f Christ warneth his to do good with their light which they haue receiude, and to set it forthe before all mens faces.

16 / Or, bed.

21 h The spiritual kinred is to be preferred to the carnal & natural for asmuche as thereby of many we are made one, confessing together one God, one faith, & one baptisme, louing God aboue all thing, & our neighbour as our selues.

21 ! He telleth who is his mother and his brother.

29 l The worde signifieth to be inforced with violence, as an horse when he is spurred.

29 / Or, many a day agone.

30 m A Legion, as writeth Vegetius, conteined 6000 fotemen, & 732 horsemen: but here it is taken for an vncertteine and infinite nomber.

31 n That is, so to depart that they colde do no harme: and this worde {Chap. 16,25} is called hel, where the deuils are chained in the obscuritie of darkenes, {2 Pet. 2, 4}

39 o Christ knewe that he shulde better serue him being absent then with him.

39 p This was his owne citie called Gadaris, which was in the counetrey of Decapolis, & therefore Luke dissenteth not from Marke who writteth that he preached in Decapolis.

41 ! He healeth the sicke woman, and Jairus daughter.

44 r Being assured of the vertue and power of Jesus Christ and not attributing any vertue to the garment.

48 s Christ doeth not impute vnto vs the weakenes of our faithe, but doeth accept it, as thogh it were perfite.

52 u Althogh she was verely dead: yet to Christ it was more easie to restore her to life, then it is for one man to wake another out of his slepe.

54 x He meaneth those which he founde in the house.