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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 46

1 ! The sacrifices of the Sabbath, and of the newe moones.

1 Vers. 1. The inner court gate Q whereunto they went vp by eight steps, as appeareth in the great figure.

8 ! Thorowe which dores they must go in, or come out of the Temple, etc.

9 Vers 9.He that entreth in by the North gate R. shal go out by the South gate d & contrary, and in going forward they worsipped in the middes M.

18 d But be content with that porcion that God hathe assigned him, as {Chap. 45,8}.

19 Vers. 19. He describeth the Priests chambers, which were at the side of the Temple toward the North: and so cometh to the lace, which was on the West side. S. Which vers 21 is called the vtter court, in respect of the inner court, as also where the people were, was the vtter court n respect of this inner.

20 e That the people shulde not haue to do wiht those things which appearteine to the Lord, & thinke it lawful for them to eat them.

21 Vers. 21. The litle court in euer corner, was fortie cubits long.7, 8 & thirty broad 8, 9 & 7, 9

23 Vers 23. About the walles of these litle courts. which were as kitchins, were litle chambers for the cookes 10.