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Geneva Bible (1599): Ezekiel 46

1 Thus sayth the Lord God, The gate of the inner court, that turneth toward the East, shall be shut the sixe working dayes: but on the Sabbath it shalbe opened, and in the day of the newe moone it shalbe opened.

2 And the prince shall enter by the way of the porch of that gate without, and shall stande by the post of the gate, and the Priests shall make his burnt offring, and his peace offrings, and he shall worship at the threshold of the gate: after, he shall go foorth, but the gate shall not be shut till the euening.

3 Likewise the people of the lande shall worshippe at the entrie of this gate before the Lord on the Sabbaths, and in the newe moones.

4 And the burnt offring that the prince shall offer vnto the Lord on the Sabbath day, shalbe sixe lambs without blemish, and a ram without blemish.

5 And the meat offring shalbe an Ephah for a ram: and the meate offring for the lambs a gift of his hand, and an Hin of oyle to an Ephah.

6 And in the day of the newe moone it shall be a yong bullocke without blemish, and sixe lambes and a ram: they shalbe without blemish.

7 And he shall prepare a meat offring, euen an Ephah for a bullocke, and an Ephah for a ram, and for the lambes according as his hand shall bring, and an Hin of oyle to an Ephah.

8 And when the prince shall enter, hee shall goe in by the way of the porche of that gate, and hee shall go foorth by the way thereof.

9 But when the people of the land shall come before the Lord in the solemne feastes, hee that entreth in by the way of the North gate to worship, shall goe out by the way of the South gate: and he that entreth by the way of the South gate, shall goe foorth by the way of the North gate: hee shall not returne by the way of the gate whereby hee came in, but they shall goe forth ouer against it.

10 And the prince shall be in the middes of them: hee shall go in when they goe in, and when they goe forth, they shall goe forth together.

11 And in the feastes, and in the solemnities the meat offring shalbe an Ephah to a bullocke, and an Ephah to a ram, and to the lambes, the gift of his hand, and an Hin of oyle to an Ephah.

12 Nowe when the prince shall make a free burnt offring or peace offrings freely vnto the Lord, one shall then open him the gate, that turneth towarde the East, and hee shall make his burnt offring and his peace offrings, as he did on the Sabbath day: after, hee shall goe foorth, and when he is gone forth, one shall shut the gate.

13 Thou shalt dayly make a burnt offring vnto the Lord of a lambe of one yere without blemish: thou shalt doe it euery morning.

14 And thou shalt prepare a meate offring for it euery morning, the sixt part of an Ephah, and the thirde part of an Hin of oyle, to mingle with the fine flowre: this meate offring shalbe continually by a perpetuall ordinance vnto the Lord.

15 Thus shall they prepare the lambe, and the meate offring and the oyle euery morning, for a continual burnt offring.

16 Thus saith the Lord God, If the prince giue a gift of his inheritance vnto any of his sonnes, it shalbe his sonnes, and it shall bee their possession by inheritance.

17 But if hee giue a gift of his inheritance to one of his seruantes, then it shall bee his to the yere of libertie: after, it shall returne to ye prince, but his inheritance shall remaine to his sonnes for them.

18 Moreouer the prince shall not take of the peoples inheritance, nor thrust them out of their possession: but he shall cause his sonnes to inherit of his owne possession, that my people be not scattered euery man from his possession.

19 After, he brought me through the entrie, which was at the side of the gate, into the holy chambers of the Priestes, which stoode towarde the North: and beholde, there was a place at the West side of them.

20 Then saide he vnto me, This is the place where the Priestes shall see the the trespasse offering and the sinne offering, where they shall bake the meat offring, that they should not beare them into the vtter court, to sanctifie ye people.

21 Then he brought me foorth into the vtter court, and caused me to goe by the foure corners of the court: and beholde, in euery corner of the court, there was a court.

22 In the foure corners of the court there were courts ioyned of fourty cubits long, and thirty broad: these foure corners were of one measure.

23 And there went a wall about them, euen about those foure, and kitchins were made vnder the walles rounde about.

24 Then said he vnto me, This is the kitchin where the ministers of the house shall seethe the sacrifice of the people.