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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 45

1 a Of all the land of Israel the Lord onely requireth this porcion for the Temple & for the Priests, for the citie and for the prince.

1 ! Out of the land of promes are there separate foure porcions, of which the first is giuen to the Priests and to the Temple, the second to the Leuites, the third to the citie, the fourth to the prince.

9 b The Prophet sheweth that the heads must be first reformed afore any good ordre can be established among the people

9 ! Or just weights and measures.

10 c Epah and Bath were bothe of one quantitie, saue that ephah conteined in drye things, that which Bath did in licour, {Leu 5, 11} {1 King. 5,11}.

12 d That is, threscore shekels make a weight called Mina: for he joyneth these thre partes to a Mina.

18 e Which was Nisan, conteining parte of Marche and parte of April.