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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 47

1 Vers. 1. The dore of the Temple r and from vnder the thresholde yssued out waters, which came out of the South side, and ran towarde the East. Loke in the great figure. 11.

1 a Whereby are ment the spiritual graces that shulde by giuen to the Church vnder the kingdome of Christ.

1 ! The vision of the waters that came out of the Temple.

5 b Signifying that the graces of God shulde neuer decrease but euer abounde in his Church.

7 c Meaning the multitude of them that shulde be refreshed by the spiritual waters.

8 d Shewing that the abundance of these graces shulde be so great, that all the worlde shulde be full thereof, which is here ment by the Persian sea or Generareth, & the sea called Mediterraneun, {Za 14,8}

8 e The waters which of nature are salt & vnholsome, shalbe made swete & comfortable.

10 g Which were cities at the corners of the salt or dead sea.

10 h Thei shalbe here of all sortes, and in as great abundance as in the great Ocean where they are bred.

10 f Signifying that when God bestoweth his mercies in suche abundance, the ministers shal by their preaching winne many.

12 / Or, for bruses and sores.

13 ! The coasts of the land of promes, & the deuision thereof by tribes.

15 k By the land of promes he signifieth the spiritual land whereof this was a figure.

22 l Meaning, that in this spiritual kingdome there shulde be no difference between Jewe nor Gentil, but that all shulde be partakers of this inheritance in their head Christ.