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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 48

1 a The tribes after that they entred into the land vnder Joshua, deuided the land somwhat otherwise then is here set forthe by this vision.

1 ! The lottes of the tribes.

8 b That is, the portion of the grounde, wich they shal separat & appoint to the Lord, which shal be deuided in to thre partes for the Priests, for the prince & for the citie.

9 ! The partes of the possession of the Priests, of the Temple, of the Leuites, or the citie and of the prince are rehearsed.

20 d Euerie way it shal be fyue & twenty thousand.

22 e So that Judah was on the North side of the Princes & Leuites portions, and Beniamin on the Southside.

28 g Which was Jericho the citie of palme trees

28 h Meaning, Nilus that runneth into the sea called mediteraneum