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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 39

2 a Or, destroy thee with fix plagues, as {Chap. 38,22}.

4 b Meaning, that by the vertue of Gods worde, the eneme shalbe destroied where soeuer he assaileth his Church.

6 c That is, among all nations where the enemies of my people dwell, seme they deuer so farre separate.

8 d That is, this plague is fully determined in my counsel & can not be changed.

9 e After this destruction the Church shal haue great peace and tranquillitie, and burne all their weapons because they shal no more teare the enemie: and this is chiefly ment of the accomplishment of Christs kingdome, when by their head Christ all enemies shalbe ouercome.

11 f Which declareth that the enemies shal haue an horrible fall.

11 g For the stink of the carkeises

11 / Or, of the multitude of Gog.

14 i Partely that the holy land shulde not be polluted, and partely, for the compassion that the children of God haue euen on their enemies.

17 ! Thei shalbe deuoured of birdes and beastes.

17 k Whereby he signifieth the horrible destruction that shulde come vpon the enemies of his Church.

23 l The heathen shal knowe that they ouercame not my people by their strength, nether yet by the weaknes of line arme, but that this was for my peoples sinnes.

23 ! Wherefore the house of Israel is captiue.

24 ! Their bringing againe from captiuitie is promised.