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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 40

1 a The Jewes counted the beginning of the yere after tow sorts: for their feastes they began to counte in March, and for their other affaires in Spetembre: so that this is to be vnderstand of Septembre.

3 b Which was an Angel in forme of a man that came to measure out this buylding.

5 Vers 5 The wall that compasseth oubt the Temple & courtes as appeareth in the second and in the great figure. A B The Thickenes of the wall, was sic cubites: for so long the rede was. A C The height of the wall, which was also six fubites: this wall conteined two thousand cubits, that is, on the East side 500 C H & on the North side 500. H I as much on the South side. C K & 500 on the West side I K This wall did separate the Temple from the citie, {Chap. 42, 20}.

6 Vers. 6. This gate in the great figure is marked with D. vnto the which apperteine seuen stoppes E. Thence they go into the porche where are six chambers F. Which porche was closed with a wall G.

6 / Or, thre folde.

6 / Or, vperst ofte.

7 Vers 7 E F G. Th elength The breadth E O G The space of fyue cubites betwene the chambers, and so muche space was on this side, and beyonde the chambers G. From the thresholde inward to the porche was six cubites A B. B C The porche.

9 Vers 9. C D The vpper postes. H I. The breadth of the alley of the porche B C The length of the porche, which was inwarde.

9 / Or, ???

11 Vers 11 L M The breadth of the gate, & the height A N.

12 Vers. 12 The space before the chambers as a litle galerie O.

13 Vers 13. The breadth of the whole porche from the vmost chamber to the gate 25 cubites P Q.

14 In the 14 ver. he speaketh of the vpper postes, or pentises which in all were 60 cubites: for eueri chamber had six, & the thresholde, & lintel of the dore, wther 12 K figures.

17 Vers 17. The outward court R. so called because it was the outwarde court in respect of the Temple as appeareth in the great figure N. but it is the inner court in respect of the porche, which hathe bene described. S. The thirtie chambers, fyftene on a side. The two litle gates 6 which are by the great gate T.

19 Vers. 19. The lower gate A. which had seuen steppes, & the gate within eight T. betwene A T were 100 cubites, & had as muche from South to North Y.

20 Vers 20. This must be sonsidered in the great figure. The outwarde court in respect of the Temple M R The north side. The porche S. The court without T. The length of the proche which the chambers, as in the East side V X. The breadth 25 cubites Y Z.

23 Vers 23. The gate of the inner court B. ouer against the gate of the outward court R b.

24 Vers 24. The South gate in the great figure d. The outward court e.

27 Vers 27. The inner court gate f. An hundreth cubites. d f which was length of a court, and his chambers.

28 Vers 28 The inner court g. The eight steppes are hid which the buylding, but they are like them of the East gate Q for all the courtes where of moee measure, quantitie and facion.

32 Vers. 32. The inner court on the East side N. And so in all he maketh six courtes, two on the East side, two on the North & two on the South side. Loke in the great figure.

38 Vers 38. He speaketh of six chambers, which were in the porche of the inner courte on the North side. i The entrie of the chambers, that is, the dores, were vnder the vpper postes or pentises which hanged ouer the chamber, as also did ouer the gate. Loke in the great figure.

39 Vers. 39 In the porche of the inner courte were foure tables. K & as manie in the outward court S, a cubite, & an halfe long & as broade, & one cubite high.

44 Vers. 44. The chambers in the inner porche on the North side for the singers. L. but the prospectiue hindereth the sight, therefore beholde them which are in the East court, for thei are all alike: likewise on the South side, The prophet was now in the East courte, where he saw the altar measured, & describeth one rowe of Chambers, which was for the Priests.

45 Vers. 45. He speaketh of two rowes of chambers, which were in the inner court N. whereof they on the Norht side were for the Priests, that sacrificed O. and they on the South side for them that kept the Temple N. Which chambers were East and by South, as the other O. were East and by Norht. These must be sene in the great figure.

48 Vers. By the postes of the porche he meaneth the wall which was fiue cubites thicke on ether side of the alley or porche 1.2 The two litle gates in the side of the proche 3.4 which were to go to the Priests chambers that were by the Temple. A B.

48 Vers 48. He entred by the gate Q to come into the porche of the temple. R. The which Temple is here described more at large, because the things here mencioned might the better be vnderstand.

49 Vers 49 The length of the porche 20. cubites 5.6. And the breadth eleuen 7.8 The steppes whereby the Prophet came into the proche of the Temple 9.7. The two pillers 10.