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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 38

1 ! He prophecieth that Gog and Magog shal fight with great power against the people of God.

2 a Which was a people that came of Magog the sonne of Japhet, {Gen. 10,2} Magog also here signifieth a certeine countrey, so that by these two countreis, which had the gourenement of Greciea & Italie, he meaneth the principal enemies of the Church, {Reuel. 20,8}.

4 b He sheweth that the enemies shulde bend them selues against the Church, but it shulde be to their destruction.

6 d Gomer was Japhets sonne, and Togarmah the sonne of Gomer, and are thoght to be they that inhapite Asia minor.

7 e Signifying, that al people of the worlde shulde assemble them selues against the Churche and Christ their head.

10 f That is, to molest, and destroye the Church.

11 g Meaning, Israel which had now bene destroyed, & was not yet buylt againe: declaring hereby the simplicitie of the godlie, who seke not so muche to fortifie them selues by outward force, as to depend on the prouidnece & goodnes of God.

13 h One enemie shal enuie another because eueryone shal thinke to haue the spoile of the Church.

14 i Shalt not you spie thne occasions to come against my Church, when they suspect nothing?

16 k Meaning, in the last age, and from the comming of Christ vnto the end of the worlde.

16 l Signifying that God wil be sanctified by mainteining his Church, and destroying his enemies, as {Chap. 36, 23} & {37, 28}

17 m Hereby he declareth that none affliction can come to the Church, whereof they haue not bene aduertised aforetime, to teache them to indure all things with more pacience when they knowe that God hathe so ordeined.

20 n All meanes whereby man shulde thinke to saue him self shal faile, the affliction in those daies shalbe so great & the enemies destruction shal be so terrible.

21 ! Their destruction.