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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 137

1 ! The people of God in their banishment seing Gods true religion decaie, liued in great anguish and sorowe of heart: the which grief the Chaldeans did so litle pitie,

1 a That is, we abode a long time: & albeit that the countrei was pleasant, yet colde it not staie our teares, nor turne vs from the true seruice of our God.

3 ! That thei rather increased the same daiely with tauntes, reproches and blasphemies against God.

3 c The Babylonians spake thus in mocking vs, as thogh by our silence we shulde signifie that we hoped no more in God.

5 d Albeit the faithful are touched with their particular griefs, yet the commune sorowe of the Church is moste grieuous vnto them, & are suche as thei can not but remember and lament.

6 e The decaie of Gods religion in their countrie was so greiuous, that no joye colde make them glad, except it were restored.

7 f According as {Ezekiel 25, 13 & Jeremie 49, 7 vers.} prophecied: & {Abdias vers. 10} sheweth that the Edomites, which came fo Esau, conspired with the Babylonians against their brethren & kinsfolke.

7 ! Wherefore, the Israelites desire God, first to punish the Edomites, who prouoked the Babylonians against them,

8 ! And moued by the Spirit of God, prophecie the destruction of Babylon, where thei were handled so tyrannously.

9 h He alludeth to {Isaie} prophecie {chap. 13, & 16. vers} promising good succes to Cyrus and Darius, whome ambition moued to fight against Babylon: but God vsed them as his rods to punish his enemies.